Attiangal (Thiruvananthapuram) :     Though the lucky person who won the Kerala Lottery "Thiruvonam Bumper-2015" in the draw held on 18 Sep 2015, has not been found out yet the seller of the lottery ticket has been recognized. It has been already declared by the department of Kerala Government Lotteries that the ticket which won the first prize a gigantic Rs. 7 Crore, was sold from the Thiruvananthapuram district lottery office. Now it has been found out that the ticket was sold by a Kerala Lottery Agency at Attingal. The agency opposite to the KSRTC bus stand is run by Chirainkeeze, Thamarakkulam, Madathithil Veetil Thangaraj and named "Bhagavathy Lottery Agency". No doubt the consolation prizes would have been won in the same agency. Another 3rd prize of Rs.5 Lakh is also won in a ticket sold by the same agency.  

But the lucky seller who will won the Kerala Lottery Agent Commission of 10% of the first prize will be Alamkode, Prumkulam Muttukonam, Charuvila Puthanveetil  V.Sreedharan since he had bought 40 tickets from the "Bhagavathy Lottery Agency" to resell. An amount of 70 Lakh before tax will be awarded to the Kerala lottery agent who sold the ticket. There will be a TDS of 30% in normal cases of Kerala lottery winnings. 

The Kerala Lottery Agent Thangaraj has announced that he will hand over all the amount received from the Kerala Lottery Department after the tax deduction to Sreedharan who is the re seller of the ticket. Agency commission is delivered to the concerned registered agent's account who purchased the Kerala Lotteries from the District Kerala Lottery Office, re-sellers purchase tickets with receipts from these registered Kerala lottery agents to sell them retail. 

V. Sridharan who was a head load worker at market road,
has abandon his work due to his heart problems since 7 years. As his health fall down, the shop owner has allowed him to run his lottery stand adjuasent to the Angadi Shop where he has spent most of his head loading works earlier. Now this retail lottery sale is the resource of his livelihood. 

Lakhs of Kerala Lottery Players who were waiting eagerly for the draw of Thiruvonam Bumper-2015 after purchasing the 7 Crore Bumper lottery (the biggest ever in Kerala lottery history) would have been broken a little bit of their heart down as they fail to win, but will be comforted by the news that a poor and needed man like V.Sridharan has been made a Lakhpathi by Kerala Lottery "Thiruvonam Bumper-2015".

Let's hope that the first prize winner of "Thiruvonam Bumper-2015" will also come forward soon!   
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