The man blessed two times by Kerala Lottery with first prize


Kumbalam (Eranakulam): Normally a very few people get gifted by the Lady Luck once in their life span. Many people are participating in Kerala lotteries for a long time of 30 or 50 years but do not get any considerable prizes. Yes because we all know the chance of winning a First Prize in any lottery is very low. For example the chance of winning the first prize of the Kerala Lottery Pournami is 1 against 63,00,000. We have to indulge in lotteries with this realistic scene.

But some times as in this case, some extraordinary things happen. Mr.Haridas.R of Harinivas at Kumbalam, a developing countryside near Earanakulam has won two first prizes in Kerala Lotteries. He has won the first prize of Rs. 65 Lakhs in the last draw of Kerala lottery "Pournami". the draw was held on 16th of August 2015. He has already won the first prize of Rs.75 lakh in the draw of Kerala Lottery "Pratheeksha" before 2 years. The Kerala lottery "Pratheeksha" was the predecessor of the Kerala Lottery "Karunya Plus" which is drawn on every Thursday. 

He spend the earlier winning amount to buy 5 cents of land and build a house on it. He also finished the marriage of both his sisters and is co-operating in the running of a provision store with one of his sister's husband. A good example how to use the prize winning amount. Many people become more poorer, and loose what ever they had with them even good relationships with in a short time after winning huge amounts in lotteries.

At his 36, still a bachelor Hari is staying with his mother. He takes Kerala Lotteries regularly for last 10 years and had never disappointed any Kerala lottery agent who is offering a ticket to him. He has handed over the winning ticket to the S.B.I Arrur branch to forward his claim to the Directorate of Kerala Lotteries. Though a double time millionaire Haridas has dicided to go on with the work in the grocery store.

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