Triprayar (Thrissur; Kerala) :  Manakkat Chandran runs a small shop at Triprayar temple road. Along with other things he also sells Kerala Lotteries. 21 Jul 2015 was the draw date of the "Monsoon Bumper-2015" lottery of Kerala State lottery Department under Ministry of Finance of Kerala State. The lottery was carrying a mind blowing first prize of RS.3 Crore. Chandran put aside a ticket for himself without selling the ticket numbered "MD-479820". That decision changed the destiny of his life.

The monsoon bumper-2015 (BR-44) draw was conducted at Thiruvananthapuram,  EAST FORT, PAZHAVANGADI, SREE CHITHRA HOME AUDITORIUM @ 2:30 PM on Tuesday, 21/07/2015. By 2:45 PM the first prize winning number was unofficially avilable in internet. The Number was the same "MD-479820" which one Chandran has kept aside. Kerala Lottery results are normally announced officially by 3:30 PM everyday, and thus the lucky break of Chandran was confirmed. He has told the press that the future plans will be only decided after the arrival of his son from Earanakulam. 

All the best wishes for the winner of "Monsoon Bumper-2015" 

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