Kerala Lottery Results : 04.03.2015 AKSHAYA ( AK-179)

Kerala lottery result today of "AKSHAYA (AK-179)" "LIVE" from 3:30 PM.

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Today's lottery is of "Akshaya (AK-179)" a weekly lottery drawn on every Wednesday by Kerala Lottery Department. This draw is conducted by 3:30 PM and LIVE result is announced publicly at the venue as the draw progress from 3:33 PM. Our site upload live result from that information. Remember there may be some mistakes in result numbers so always verify your winning numbers once again after 4:30 PM as official is published. Click here to view the latest Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Akshaya".

Make sure to surrender your winning tickets within 30 days of the draw to claim your winnings.



Dated: 04 March 2015 (Wednesday) 


1st PrizeRs :65,00,000/- 
AK 752215 (KOLLAM) 

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

AJ 752215        AL 752215      AM 752215  
AO 752215       AP 752215      AR 752215 

2nd Prize- Rs :2,00,000/- 
AK 416428 (KOLLAM) 
AL 225757 (WAYANAD) 
AM 593411 (ERNAKULAM) 
AO 572662 (THRISSUR) 
AP 388670 (KOLLAM) 
AR 645417 (ERNAKULAM) 


3rd PrizeRs. 10,000/- 

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
0142  0225 
5211  5785 
6654  6997 
8530  8818 

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- 
4243  4278 
6170  6866 
7239  7855 
8009  8017 8714 

6thPrizeRs. 1,000/- 
0037  0708  0791  0901 
5320  5396  5468  5642  5759 
7070  7902 
8301  8501  8936 
9224  9742 

7thPrizeRs. 500/- 
0468  0488 
1561  1705 
2402  2922 
3119  3191  3217  3267  3858 
4091  4481  4516 
5007  5071  5545  5883 
6321  6512  6613  6652 
7199  7913 

8thPrize-Rs. 100/- 
0058  0075  0203  0524  0698 
1180  1374  1603  1639  1745  1773  1872  1873 
2077  2094  2106  2159  2340  2428  2571  2629 2674  2815 
3110  3166  3246  3685  3726  3768  3947 
4037  4455  4502  4567  4638 
5415  5603  5721  5950 
6040  6334  6543  6568  6722  6753 
7186  7223  7534  7580 
8060  8223  8486  8984 
9019  9077  9160  9184  9233  9378  9491
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Kerala government gazette will be the final document to confirm the Kerala lottery result.

The Directorate of State Lotteries which is located at Palayam Thiruvananthapuram conducts draws of many lotteries since 1967 in the State of Kerala. The department was formed to raise funds to the government projects and philanthropic activities. Profits from four lotteries are mainly dedicated to special causes. Profits from "Karunya" and "Karunya Plus" are provided to "Karunya Benevolent Fund" to support the poor people who suffer from critical deices like Cancer, Kidney failure etc.. Profits from "Sthree Sakthi" is supposed to support women empowerment. Profits from "Nirmal" is used to benifit " Suchitwa Mission" a program to act in the sectors sanitation and various solid and liquid waste management issues. Now lottery revenue is one of the important source of income to the State government. These draws are conducted with high degree of transparency so that State lotteries are popular all over Kerala. There are 7 Weekly lotteries, 6 Bumper lotteries are conducted by Government of Kerala. All these draws are pre printed paper raffle lotteries. Now it is assessed that department is handling a turnover of 80 billion rupees. 
Kerala lotteries are very popular in the state sine they are conducted very transparently.  These Kerala lottery draws are conducted by 3:30 PM and LIVE results are announced publicly at the venue as the draws progress. So the first prize winning number will be up loaded as live from almost 3:33 PM. We upload live results based on the information from the drawing spot. Remember there may be some chances of mistakes in live winning numbers, though they are very rare. We request you to always verify your winning numbers once again after 4:30 PM with Official results. 
The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in
the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.
Next AKSHAYA (AK-180) lottery draw will be held on 11/03/2015 at
Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala lottery result of Akshaya _AK-179 on 04 March 2015


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