Winners of Onam bumper-2013. The first prize and the second prize at Palakkad.

The first and second prizes of the "Onam bumper-2013" lottery of the Kerala government were won in Palakkad district itself, the results of which were announced on Thursday.

The first prize of Rs.5 crore and 1 kg of gold was won by C. Muraleedharan (35), a jewellery owner on G.B. Road, Palakkad town. (Ticket No.TG-886269).

He had bought Onam bumper tickets for Rs.22,000 on September 14, 2013 from a lottery agency close to his jewellery showroom on G.B. Road when he went to collect Rs.25,000 prize he had won from the Karunya Lottery of the Kerala Government. Mr. Muraleedharan is on a pilgrimage to Gujarat, his relatives here said. 

The second prize of Rs.1 crore of the Onam Bumper lottery was won by a ticket (No.T.E-365928) sold by another lottery agency on G.B. Road.The winner took five tickets but could not be traced yet, the lottery agent here said.

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