Kerala Lottery Results Today Live : Karunya (KR-79) on 23.03.2013

Check below the Kerala lottery result (Completed) of Karunya (KR-79) published on 23/03/2013. Live winning numbers are published here from 3:30 PM and the complete result will be released by 4:30 PM. You may confirm your winning numbers with the official result published in the next page.

Kerala Lottery Result


(Complete Result)

23 March 2013 (Saturday)

1st Prize- Rs :10,000,000/- 
KS 203265 (Kollam)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

KM 203265 KO 203265 
KR 203265 KT 203265

2nd Prize- 50 sovereign 

KR 153716 (Malappuram)

3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/- 

KM 233895 (Ernakulam)
KO 291244 (Palakkad)
KR 189723 (Thiruvananthapuram)
KS 129065 (Ernakulam)
KT 536950 (Palakkad)


4th Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
3090 5510

5th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 

0125 0439 1159 1176 2044
2309 3031 5210 7566 7860
8022 8212 8869 8942 9744

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 

0424 0471 1386 2392 2927
3714 4522 6354 6971 9303

7th Prize- Rs. 500/- 

0349 0713 0991 1297 1309
2591 3086 3201 4224 4279
4456 4779 6163 7701 7812
8219 8343 8401 9316 9967

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 

0580 0987 1645 2016 2140
2291 3600 3746 5657 5863
6651 6781 6883 7766 7937

9th Prize- Rs. 50/- 

0119 0389 0545 0737 0743
0898 1221 1707 2128 2490
2820 3070 3198 3291 3355
3578 3630 3653 3742 3820
3863 3876 4081 4084 5099
5621 5658 5773 5919 6280
6500 6562 6863 6985 7044
7650 7700 7709 7774 7910
8172 8206 8238 8792 8823
8836 8889 9241 9296 9952

The prize winners are requested to confirm the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

Next Karunya (KR-80) lottery draw will be held on 30/03/2013 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorioum, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthpuram.

Complete Kerala lottery result of Karunya (KR-79) above is published on 23/03/2013. The draw was conducted by Department of lotteries, Kerala State. Weekly lottery Karunya is drawn on every Saturday at 3:30 PM. The venue is Sree Chithira Home Auditorium, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram

Today's Kerala lottery result is published in an image format so you view it very easily in your desktop or in mobile. Click on the picture to view it zoomed if you are using a desktop computer. Tap on the image to see it enlarged in mobile phones. Never forget to re check your numbers with this Official result though you have checked it in live Kerala lottery result.

 The lottery department was formed by Government of Kerala at 1967 to conduct government lottery draws to accumulate fund to support government purposes. That was the first lottery department in all over India. The first lottery MRP was just 1 rupee and the first prize was Rs.50,000/- . It took almost 60 days to complete the sale and conduct the draw. Now Kerala lottery department is a vast organisation with hundreds of government officials working under Directorate at Thiruvananthpuram, Regional Deputy Directorate at Kochi, 14 District Lottery Offices in every district head quarters and 100s of sub centers at Taluk head quarters. More than 35,000 agents and 1,00,000 re sellers are depending on Kerala lotteries for a living.

Today's lottery Karunya draw started at 3:30 PM using the drawing machine  which was developed by 
The Metal Industries Ltd which is a government firm. The winning numbers are announced at the drawing spot itself. We publish this information as live results. 

You may check the 
prize structure of Karunya lottery today by clicking here, which will give a clear picture of the lottery. Income tax as well as agency commission is reduced from the top prize winners. In the case of lower section prize winners there will not be any deductions. Agency commission is given from government fund. There are many security measures marked on the ticket. Other details about the draw are also printed there. You can understand most of the markings on a Karunya lottery by clicking here

Odds of winning of a lottery is very important and it is calculated with the help of Prize structure of the lottery and total numbers of the tickets. 
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Please check you numbers very carefully in both of the result formats and submit your winning tickets to the 
appropriate prize collection points of Kerala lottery with in 30 days of the draw. You will be deprived from your prize amount. So be careful to check your results and claim your prizes.    

Kerala lottery result_Karunya_KR-79
Kerala Lottery Karunya KR-79

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