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Adithya (A-39) Kerala Lottery Result on November 08, 2008.

Today's Kerala lottery result on November 08, 2008 of  ADITHYA Weekly lottery numbered A-39 is published below. 



Dated: 08/11/2009 

Adithya LOTTERY NO. A-39th DRAW held on 08/11/2008 AT Theerthapaada Paada Mandapam,TVM
1st Prize- Rs :1,500,000/- AO 243378 (KANNUR)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
AM 243378 AR 243378 AS 243378 AT 243378

2nd Prize- Rs :100,000/- 
AM 212645 (PALAKKAD)
AO 196862 (KANNUR)
AR 197418 (KANNUR)
AS 233580 (KANNUR)
AT 185254 (KANNUR)


3rd Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
13633 27282 50389 67396 89910

4th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 

5th Prize- Rs. 500/- 
0043 3827 6081

6th Prize- Rs. 50/- 

7th Prize- Rs. 20/- 
160 200 341

8th Prize- Rs. 10/- 
02 03 06 14 19
27 57 71 91 94

Next Adithya Lottery Draw will be held on 19/10/2008 at
Theerthapaada Paada Mandapam,TVM

Adithya (A-39) Result

08 Nov 2008

(Copy of Official Kerala Lottery Result Today)

Kerala lottery result of Adithya (A-39) on November 08, 2008

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Kerala lottery result today is of Adithya A-39 on October 26, 2008. Adithya weekly lottery is drawn on every Sundays. Adithya (A-39). On 8th November 2008 the Kerala lottery results of  Adithya-39 is published online. Adithya A-39 online result on 08 Nov 2009. Kerala lottery results are available of Adithya(A-39) on the date 08/11/2009. Hera Kerala Lottery Result is published in 2 formats of Adithya A-39 as today result. Confirm result of Adithya-A-39 with Official copy Kerala lottery Results. Today on 08 November 2008 the draw of Adithya-A-39. Online lottery result Adithya-A-39 on 08/11/2009. A-39 lottery results of adithya lottery. Kerala lottery results up to date here online on 08/11/2008 afternoon .Kerala lottery results publication. 

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