Kerala Lottery Results : 24.02.2013 POURNAMI (RN-71)

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Kerala Lottery Result


(Complete Result)

24 February 2013 (Sunday)

1st Prize- Rs :5,100,000/-
RT 701093 (Pathanamthitta)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/-
RM 701093 RO 701093 RR 701093 RS 701093

2nd Prize- Rs :100,000/-
RM 647677 (Kasargode)
RO 540085 (Kottayam)
RR 187498 (Thiruvananthapuram)
RS 284457 (Kozhikkode)
RT 902295 (Wayanad)


3rd Prize- Rs. 10,000/-

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-
1248 2296 2756 6270 6718

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-
1966 3521 4251 4515 7104
7380 8303 9394

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
0643 1972 2249 2612 3435
4185 6082 8950 9395 9653

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-
0054 0929 2186 2656 2999
4247 4400 4606 4893 5303
5981 7406 7509 8248 8823

8th Prize- Rs. 100/-
1183 2028 2601 2699 3101
3459 4262 5773 7055 7130
7361 8011 8346 9011 9435

9th Prize- Rs. 50/-
 0106 0142 0540 0558 0789
0966 1276 1340 1980 2135
2196 2426 2622 2750 2769
2833 2920 2947 3134 3502
3757 4000 4064 4071 4072
4420 4604 5443 5605 5665
6508 6995 7008 7517 7554
7629 7771 7888 7929 7951
7980 8079 8380 8574 8681
8743 9400 9558 9645 9832

The prize winners are requested to confirm the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

Next Pournami (RN-72) lottery draw will be held on 03/03/2013 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorioum, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthpuram.

You can find today's complete result of Pournami (RN-71) dated 24.02.2013; Sunday. Pournami lottery is a weekly that is repeated on every Sundays. It carries a first prize of Rs. 1 Crore provided to a ticket common to all series and a second prize Rs.10 Lakh which is also common to all series are upper slab prizes. The 3rd Rs.1 lakh is disbursed to 1 ticket from each series. All these prizes are liable to Income tax and agency commission.  The lower slab starts from 4th prize of Rs.10,000/- and ends at 8th prize of Rs.100/-. A consolation prize of Rs.10,000/- is provided to 4 tickets which match all the six numbers in the same order of the first prize but misses the serial number.  All these information can be found on the link of Prize Structure of Pournami

Kerala lottery department was formed in 1967 in Kerala to conduct lottery draws to support the State government in fund finding for the development process. From a humble beginning department of lotteries has grown to a gigantic spread with 14 District Lottery Offices in every district head quarters and 100s of sub centers at Taluk head quarters. More than 35,000 agents and 1,00,000 re sellers are depending on Kerala lotteries for a living, controlled by the Directrote of State Lotteries, Thiruvananthapuram

Coming again to Pournami lottery as earlier said the first 3 prize winners are deducted with Income tax and agency commission, the other prizes are free of any deductions. 1 ticket is awarded with 1 crore rupees as first prize, another ticket is awarded with Rs.10 Lakh as 2nd prize. 3rd prize Rs. 1 Lakh is given to 5 tickets 1 to each series. 4th prize Rs. 10,000/- to 8th prize Rs.100/- constitute lower slab prizes for which there will not be any deductions of Income tax or agency commission. You can have a look at the lump sum amount provided tothe winners of any prizes in Pournami lottery by clicking here. A total of Rs.8,71,40,000/- is disbursed through 72,956 prizes in all of the categories. These prize winning tickets are selected from the total of 9 million tickets. You may get some idea on the fact of chance of winninga prize of Pournami draw by clicking here.  

Check your results as soon as it is released and surrender your winning tickets to Kerala lottery agent, Banks or Kerala lottery offices according to the winning amount within 30 days of the draw. Click here to know how to claim your winning in Kerala lotteries.      

Full Result of Kerala lottery Pournami_RN-71
Kerala lottery Pournami_RN-71

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