Kerala Lottery Result Today on 18-10-2017 of AKSHAYA (AK-315)

Kerala Lottery Result Today on 18-10-2017 of AKSHAYA (AK-315)
अक्षया AK-315 आज (18-10-2017) का केरला लाटरी परिणाम

Kerala Lottery Results : 14.12.2012 BHAGYANIDHI (BN-63)

Below Bhagyanidhi (BN-63) live result published on 14 December 2012  Friday. Live Results are published from 3:30 PM and Official Results released at 4:30 PM. Refresh the page to view the new numbers added. Winning numbers are announced publicly as the draw goes on. The numbers are added on their availability. Always re check live results with official results. link given below.

Kerala State Lotteries - Result

Bhagyanidhi (BN-63)

14 December 2012  (Friday)



1st Prize- Rs :4,000,000/- & Innova Car 
BO 281521 (Thrissur)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

BM 281521 BR 281521 BS 281521 BT 281521

2nd Prize- Rs :100,000/- 

BM 389279 (Kollam)


3rd Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 


5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- 

4175 4372 4697
8234 8820

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 

1348 1593 

8117 8293 
9055 9115

7th Prize- Rs. 500/- 

4403 4612
6039 6184 

7186 7989 

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 

1281 1648 
4281 4344 4833 

9th Prize- Rs. 50/- 

0544 0661 
1171 1200 1283 1391 1657 1663 1688 
2103 2116 2387 2487 2577 
3070 3118 3928 
4740 4750 4899 4933 4959 
5120 5252 5499 5684 5703 
6182 6192 6203 6285 6388 6508 6728 6983
7013 7086 7373 7391 7410 7633 

8088 8199 8557 
9069 9127 9171 9673 9799 9829



(Official Copy of Kerala Lottery Result Today)

Bhagyanidhi (BN-63)

14 December2012 (Friday)


Official result of Kerala lottery Bhagyanidhi (BN-63) on 14/07/2012
Kerala lottery result official copy of Bhagyanidhi (BN-63) result on 14/12/2012

The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days
Next Bhagyanidhi (BN-64) lottery draw will be held on 21/12/2012 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorioum, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthpuram.  
Welcome to We publish updated information on Kerala Lotteries including day to day results. We provide Live results based on the information gathered from the drawing spot as the draw goes on. Official and Full results will be released by 4:30 PM normally. Please note that Live updating of winning numbers will not be in ascending order and may very rarely contain some unintentional mistakes tough we are up dating it with utmost care. Always re check your results wit the Official result which is released by 4:30 PM.

Today's ( 14 December 2012; Friday) draw is of Bhagyanidhi (BN-63) a Kerala weekly lottery drawn on every Friday by 
Department of Kerala Lotteries. A ticket costs 30 INR. A total number of 90 Lakh tickets may be printed at maximum. A picture the lottery with all the details explained is posted here, have a look at "Understanding today's ticket". Chance of winning depends on the total number of tickets and the prize structure. Have a look at the "Odds of Winning of Bhagyanidhi".  Today's lottery offers a first prize of Rs.65 Lakh before taxes for a ticket common to all series. The 2nd prize Rs. 5 lakh for 1 ticket common to all series. There are many prizes down to Rs.100/-. There may be some deductions of tax and commission for the seller from the winner depending on the amount of the prize. The winner gets these "Final Amounts in Bhagyanidhi draw". The total number of the prizes may go up to 1,42,301 numbers provided all the tickets are sold. Total prize amount disbursed may go up to Rs.11,95,90,000/-. You may view the complete details and prize structure of Bhagyanidhi lottery here.       

Today's draw was conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Nalu Mullu, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram which is the permanent drawing spot of Kerala lotteries. The draw was conducted by the government officials from the office of The Directorate of State Lotteries.

You are requested to re check the winning numbers once again with "Kerala State Government Gazette" and submit your winning claim to the appropriate claim point with in 30 days of the draw.
All the best to win a a big prize in today's draw.
Kerala lottery result live of Bhagyanidhi (BN-63) on  14 December 2012

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