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Changes in Kerala Lotteries  from 1st June 2017 on wards

The Kerala state government is intending to make some major changes in the cost and the prize structures of many lotteries conducted by department of lotteries, Kerala State.

Now the best news for the players is the prize pool percentage has been increased by 10%. Now the prize structure has been planed in such a way that 40% of total revenue.....KEEP READING

Kerala Lottery Results Today Live : Karunya (KR-58) on 27.10.2012

Find below the Check easy result of Karunya (KR-58) result published on 27.10.2012; Saturday. Live results are published from 3:30 PM and Official Results released at 4:30 PM. The below images are the original formats of the result released by Kerala lottery department. Verify your winning numbers here before submitting for the prize claim.

Kerala Lottery Result
(Complete Result)
27 October 2012 (Saturday)

1st Prize- Rs :10,000,000/- 
KK 388539 (Palakkad)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

KG 388539 KH 388539 
KJ 388539 KL 388539

2nd Prize- 50 Sovereign 

KJ 200710 (Thiruvananthapuram)

3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/- 

KG 137327 (Kozhikkode)
KH 288970 (Kannur)
KJ 146767 (Kannur)
KK 270809 (Malappuram)
KL 253031 (Thrissur)


4th Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

5th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 

0180 0863 
1363 1488 
2509 2895 
3229 3490 3877 
5694 5804 
6154 6572 

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 

7414 7448 7824 
8137 8233 

7th Prize- Rs. 500/- 

0152 0653 0889 
2139 2585 2743 
3219 3637 
5226 5764 
6344 6411 6901 
8530 8868 8962 

9512 9625

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 

1086 1110 

5173 5236 5359 5917

8079 8291 8745 

9th Prize- Rs. 50/- 

0368 0606 0835 
1010 1034 1042 1134 1239 1312 1379 1656 1737 1805 
2024 2205 2495 2549 
3024 3078 3084 3347 3381 3504 3618 3683 3995 
4241 4318 4337 4988
5190 5274 5557 5616 5814 5961 

6010 6014 6093 6342 6759 
7203 7261 7317 8160
8172 8816 8961 

9183 9898

The prize winners are requested to confirm the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

Next Karunya (KR-59) lottery draw will be held on 03/11/2012 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorioum, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthpuram.

Find above the complete Karunya lottery (KR-58) result today on 27 October 2012 drawn and released by 4:30 PM. Karunya weekly lottery is conducted by Kerala Lottery Department on every Saturday of the week. The common venue of all Kerala lottery draws are "Sree Chithra Home Auditorium at Thiruvananthapuram. Normally the draws are regulated and conducted by the higher officials from the Directorate of State Lotteries, Many social dignitaries and public people participate in the draw. The switch of the drawing machine is operated by the people so to maintain transparency. The Kerala lottery result will be published in the official websites of Kerala Lottery department by 4:30 PM. You can view this Karunya lottery live result today here as it is released. Live results are available in our site from 3:30 PM depending on the information collected from the drawing spot but it is not completely official. You should check your number here also with official results. The final authority to verify the Kerala lottery results will be the "Kerala Government Gazette" released by the State Government of Kerala.

As said earlier Kerala weekly lottery Karunya is drawn on every Saturday. It is carrying a first prize of Rs.1 Crore before taxes and the cost Rs.50/- per ticket. A maximum of 45 lakh tickets are printed in 5 series for sale. You can view more details of Karunya lottery and its Prize Structure by clicking here. The draw starts by 3:30 PM. you shall get live winning numbers from our website as the draw progress. Many data and security markings are printed on the ticket. If you have a confusion what are all those things printed on an Karunya lottery, You may check our page "Under standing an Karunya  lottery"  Total prize money of Rs.8,71,40,000/- is given out in 72,956 number of prizes in maximum. An amount of Rs.89,84,000/- is paid as agency commission both from bigger prize winners and government fund. The number of lower prizes decrease according to the decrease in sale of the tickets.  There are 8 tiers of prizes excluding consolation prizes. Have a look at "How much amount can you take home after winning a prize of Karunya lottery?" Every ticket of each lottery has a winning chance depending up on the number of total tickets sold and the prize structure. We have worked out what is the chance of winning do you have while you purchase an Karunya lottery. Click here to view the "Odds of winning in Karunya dear"    

You are requested to verify your live Kerala lottery result with the official result published above. 

If you have won any prize on any Kerala lottery prizes be care full to claim the prize within 30 days from the draw. After 30 days you can not make a claim then your money is lost. 
To know about "How can you claim your winning?" please click here. 

Kerala lottery result_Karunya_KR-58
Kerala Lottery Karunya KR-58

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