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Changes in Kerala Lotteries  from 1st June 2017 on wards

The Kerala state government is intending to make some major changes in the cost and the prize structures of many lotteries conducted by department of lotteries, Kerala State.

Now the best news for the players is the prize pool percentage has been increased by 10%. Now the prize structure has been planed in such a way that 40% of total revenue.....KEEP READING

Kerala Lottery Results Today Live : Karunya (KR-53) on 22.09.2012

Find below the Check easy result of Karunya (KR-53) result published on 22.09.2012; Saturday. Live results are published from 3:30 PM and Official Results released at 4:30 PM. The below images are the original formats of the result released by Kerala lottery department. Verify your winning numbers here before submitting for the prize claim.

Kerala Lottery Result
(Complete Result)
22 September 2012 (Saturday)

1st Prize- Rs :10,000,000/- 
KC 280276 (Pathanamthitta)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

KA 280276 KB 280276 KD 280276 KE 280276

2nd Prize- 50 Sovereign 

KE 416864 (Idukki)

3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/- 

KA 372891 (Thrissur)
KB 251373 (Palakkad)
KC 456155 (Malappuram)
KD 162505 (Palakkad)
KE 353980 (Pathanamthitta)


4th Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 


5th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 

1534 1650 
3468 3858
4079 4433 
7131 7783
8445 8710 8912 
9439 9808

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 

2232 2979 
6133 6297 
7158 7207

7th Prize- Rs. 500/- 

2007 2267 2655 2941
4392 4730 4782 
6094 6517 6856 6991 
7785 7965 
8147 8201 8381 

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 

3120 3533 3701 3782 
6207 6867
8037 8058 
9075 9765

9th Prize- Rs. 50/- 

0033 0100 0310 0429 0789
1062 1300 1402 1454 1471 1521 1558 1639 
2022 2066 2125 2532 2742 2759 
3445 3688 3989 
4286 4491 4692 4719 4823 4914 
5189 5195 5555 5628 5733 5769 
6147 6710 
7431 7588 7963 
8566 8610 8741 8866 
9117 9251 9284 9358 9382 9570 9836

The prize winners are requested to confirm the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

Next Karunya (KR-54) lottery draw will be held on 29/09/2012 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorioum, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthpuram.

You can find today's check easy result of Karunya (KR-53) dated 22 .09.2012 ; Saturday. Karunya lottery is a weekly that is repeated on every Saturdays. It carries a first prize of Rs. 1 Crore provided to a ticket common to all series and a second prize Rs.10 Lakh which is also common to all series are upper slab prizes. The 3rd Rs.1 lakh is disbursed to 1 ticket from each series. All these prizes are liable to Income tax and agency commission.  The lower slab starts from 4th prize of Rs.10,000/- and ends at 8th prize of Rs.100/-. A consolation prize of Rs.10,000/- is provided to 4 tickets which match all the six numbers in the same order of the first prize but misses the serial number.  

Kerala lottery department was formed in 1967 in Kerala to conduct lottery draws to support the State government in fund finding for the development process. From a humble beginning department of lotteries has grown to a gigantic spread with 14 District Lottery Offices in every district head quarters and 100s of sub centers at Taluk head quarters. More than 35,000 agents and 1,00,000 re sellers are depending on Kerala lotteries for a living, controlled by the Directrote of State Lotteries, Thiruvananthapuram

Coming again to Karunya lottery as earlier said the first 3 prize winners are deducted with Income tax and agency commission, the other prizes are free of any deductions. 1 ticket is awarded with 1 crore rupees as first prize, another ticket is awarded with Rs.10 Lakh as 2nd prize. 3rd prize Rs. 1 Lakh is given to 5 tickets 1 to each series. 4th prize Rs. 10,000/- to 8th prize Rs.100/- constitute lower slab prizes for which there will not be any deductions of Income tax or agency commission. You can have a look at the lump sum amount provided to the winners of any prizes in Karunya lottery by clicking here. A total of Rs.8,71,40,000/- is disbursed through 72,956 prizes in all of the categories. These prize winning tickets are selected from the total of 9 million tickets. You may get some idea on the fact of chance of winning a prize of Karunya draw by clicking here.  

Check your results as soon as it is released and surrender your winning tickets to Kerala lottery agent, Banks or Kerala lottery offices according to the winning amount within 30 days of the draw. Click here to know how to claim your winning in Kerala lotteries.              

Kerala lottery result_Karunya_KR-53
Kerala Lottery Karunya KR-53

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