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Thiruvonam Bumber Winner-2011

Thiruvonam Bumber Winner-2011

Thiruvonam Bumber Lottery-2011 of Kerala Government has changed the life of a hotel worker at Ettumanoor a major town in the Kottayam District of Kerala. He won the first prize of Rs.5 Crore for the ticket UV425851. He has bought 50 Nos of Onam Bumper Tickets through which the lucky ticket came to him. He sold 15 of them to his friends and others, but the fortunate ticket remained with him. Now he is building his own hotel.

Now sale of Thiruvonam Bumper-2012 is going on. Procure your tickets before the Draw Date: 07 Sep 2012.

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Dated : 24-03-2018 | Karunya (KR-338) Lottery
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 Karunya (KR-338) | Dated : 24-03-2018
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