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KANAKADHARA (G-01) Kerala Lottery Result on 25/03/2009.

Kerala lottery result today on  march 25, 2010 of KANAKADHARA (G-01) weekly lottery published below. 



Dated: 25/03/2009 

KANAKADHARA LOTTERY NO. G-2nd DRAW held on 25/04/2009 AT Sri ChitraHome Auditorium, Pazhavangadi,Thiruvananthapuram.

1st Prize- 1 Kilogram gold.999.9 purity GJ 150801 (KOTTAYAM)

2nd Prize- 10 Sovereigns. 999.9 purity :  
GG 207496 (KOLLAM)
GH 152993 (KOTTAYAM)
GJ 136046 (THRISSUR)
GK 165158 (KOTTAYAM)
GL 101755 (KANNUR)

3rd Prize- 5 Sovereigns. 999.9 purity. 
GG 249788 (KOTTAYAM)
GK 124688 (PALAKKAD)


4th Prize- 1 Sovereign. 999.9 purity 
0142 0401 0630 8741

5th Prize- 2gm coins. 999.9 purity 
001 201 401 601 801

Next KANAKADHARA (G-02) Lottery Draw will be held on 25/04/2009 at
Vocational Higher Secondary School,Parasala,TVPM

(Copy of Official Kerala Lottery Result of Kanakadhara G-01)

Kerala lottery result of Kanakadhara G-01  on March 26 , 2009.

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Kerala lottery result today is of Kanakadhara G-01 on 25/03/2009. Kanakadhara is a Kerala monthly lottery drawn in Kerala. On the date today March 25, 2009 Kanakadhara (G-01) Kerala lottery result published here.  All the prizes of Kanakadhara lottery are provided in pure gold. Today 25 March 2009 the draw of Kanakadhara-G-01 lottery of Kanakadhara (G-01) Kerala lottery result of Kanakadhara-01 on 25 March 2009 the result of Kerala lottery Kanakadhara-01 is published on every month. Two formats of Kerala lottery result of Kanakadhara-01 is published above.You can view the copy of Official Kerala lottery result of of Kanakadhara-G-01. Always verify your winning numbers with Official copy of Kerala lottery Result. You can also find the Kerala lottery results in leading news papers published in Kerala on the next day of the draw. 

Kerala lottery result of KAIRALI (K-1471) weekly lottery draw will be published here tomorrow 27 August 2009 The Kerala lottery result winning numbers and the official Kerala lottery result is to be published here tomorrow on August 27, 2009. Official copy of the result on 27-08-2009 of KAIRALI- K-1471. Check 2009/08/27 KAIRALI (K-1471). Kerala lottery results are up dated here day to day.  

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