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(ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ലോട്ടറി ഫലം | 25-04-2018 | അക്ഷയ AK-342 റിസൽറ്റ് )

Today 25-04-2018 Kerala lottery result of AKSHAYA AK-342 is published here. Kerala lottery result yesterday STHREE SAKTHI (SS-103)on 24-04-2018 is published below that.

Kerala Lottery Result Timings

Daily Lottery Results
Draw starts at 3:00 PM
Live Results from 3:03 PM
Official Results by 3:45 PM

Bumper Lottery Results
Draw starts at 2:00 PM
Live Results from 2:05 PM
Official Results by 2:45 PM

Kerala lottery draws are conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala lottery results are published in the official website of Kerala lottery department and many other websites as the draw is over.

Kerala lottery winners are requested to verify the winning numbers with the Kerala lottery results published in the Gazatte released by the Kerala State Government and surrender the ticket at appropriate claiming points within 30 days of the draw.

Kerala lottery result today on 25.04.2018 is "AKSHAYA". Which carries a first prize of Rs. 50 Lakh (before tax) and 7 slabs of other prizes down to Rs.100/-. Total 8 tier of prizes + consolation prize of Rs.10,000/-. One ticket of costs Rs.30/- including GST. Today's tickets are released in 12 series AN, AO, AP, AR, AS, AT, AU, AN, AW, AX, AY and AZ.

Next AKSHAYA AK-342 will be conducted on 03-05-2018 and the Kerala lottery result will be published here.


25-04-2018 (Wednesday)

AKSHAYA (AK-342) Lottery Result

AKSHSYA AK-342 lottery result today      

KARUNYA PLUS KN-210 | 26.04.2018 | Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala Lottery Result Today Kerala Government Lottery Results - 2018
Welcome to "" KERALA STATE LOTTERIES (ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ലോട്ടറി റിസൽട്)
Today's (26-04-2018) Kerala lottery result is "KARUNYA PLUS KN-210" weekly lottery

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live : 3:00 PM Official Kerala Lottery Result Today : Between 3:40 and 4:30 PM  

Kerala Lottery Result Today
26.04.2018 (Thursday) KARUNYA PLUS KN-210 Lottery (Available from 3:00 PM Today)
Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday 25.04.2018 (Wednesday) AKSHAYA AK-342 Lottery Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday24.04.2018 (Tuesday) STHREE SAKTHI SS-103 Lottery Next Kerala Bumper Lottery Vishu Bumper-2018 Details Dated : 25-04-2018 | Lottery Guessing லாட்டரி கணிப்பு போட்டிகள் ലോട്ടറി പ്രവചന മത്സരങ്ങൾ Current Kerala Lottery Guessing
Lottery Prediction | Dated : 25-04-2018 வெற்றி வாய்ப்பு எண்கள் വിജയ സാധ്യതാ നമ്പറുകൾ  Current Kerala Lottery Prediction

Official Result Today

Predictions | 26-04-2018 | KARUNYA PLUS (KN-210) Lottery

Kerala lottery result predictions are not the leaked results or do not claim to have any relation with the original results drawn and published by Kerala lottery department.
KERALA LOTTERY PREDICTIONS 26-APRIL-2018KARUNYA PLUS (KN-210) LotteryBest Six Number Possibilities Only a single panel of seven slots is used to draw all the top tier prizes including the first prize in Kerala lottery draws. This drawing process of top slab prizes means to draw an alphabet for the second letter of the series (being the first letter is same for all tickets of a particular draw) and drawing six numbers. So the winning numbers with series alphabets and six numerical digits are considered as the top slot numbers. Here we have not tried to predict the alphabet but only the six digits. These prediction are based on the drawings done by computer programs. We nigher claim any relations with the actual draws conducted nor based on any information from the conductors of Kerala lottery draws. Here we have prod…

KARUNYA PLUS (KN-210) | 26-04-2018 | Kerala Lottery Guessing

Kerala lottery result guessing competitions are just fun predictions to entertain the lottery players. These competitions do not involve in any monitory dealings either side.
Kerala Lottery Guessing Competitions 26-04-2018KARUNYA PLUS (KN-210) "Guessing Competitions" First Prize Winning Number Guessing Competitions
In this competition the participants are supposed to guess the first prize winning number of the up coming Kerala lottery draw. This competition is aimed to increase the interest and anticipation of Kerala lottery players. No monitory benefits in this game.

You have to select one of the "Series" that you think will be drawn from the 12 series options given. Then select all the six place digits. In the first digit there will not be an option for "0" in all other five digits the options will be from "0" to "9". That's all..... press "Submit". Other details are not compulsory, you may fill them or not. We will publis…

Guessing | Prediction | Previous Results

Dated : 26-04-2018 | KARUNYA PLUS KN-210 Lottery Guessing
காருண்யா பிளஸ் KN-210 லாட்டரி கணிப்பு போட்டிகள்
കാരുണ്യാ പ്ലസ് KN-210 ലോട്ടറി പ്രവചന മത്സരങ്ങൾ
Kerala lottery Guessing Competition KARUNYA PLUS KN-210

 KARUNYA PLUS KN-210 Lottery Prediction | Dated : 26-04-2018
வெற்றி வாய்ப்பு எண்கள் | காருண்யா பிளஸ் KN-210 லாட்டரி
വിജയ സാധ്യതാ നമ്പറുകൾ | കാരുണ്യാ പ്ലസ് KN-210 ലോട്ടറി
Kerala lottery Prediction KARUNYA PLUS KN-210
 Previous Kerala lottery results

Previous 30 Days Results

Previous Results

25-04-2018 AKSHAYA (AK-342) Lottery.

24-04-2018 STHREE SAKTHI (SS-103) Lottery.

23-04-2018 WIN WIN (W-457) Lottery.

22-04-2018 POURNAMI (RN-336) Lottery.

21-04-2018 KARUNYA (KR-342) Lottery.

20-04-2018 NIRMAL (NR-65) Lottery.

19-04-2018 KARUNYA PLUS (KN-209) Lottery.

18-04-2018 AKSHAYA (AK-341) Lottery.

17-04-2018 STHREE SAKTHI (SS-102) Lottery

16-04-2018 WIN WIN (W-456) Lottery.

15-04-2018 POURNAMI (RN-355) Lottery.

14-04-2018 KARUNYA (KR-341) Lottery.

13-04-2018 NIRMAL (NR-64) Lottery.

12-04-2018 KARUNYA PLUS (KN-208) Lottery.

11-04-2018 AKSHAYA (AK-340) Lottery.

10-04-2018 | STHREE SAKTHI (SS-101) Lottery.

09-04-2018 | WIN WIN (W-455) Lottery.

08-04-2018 | Pournami RN-334 Lottery

07-04-2018 | KARUNYA KR-340 Lottery

06-04-2018 | NIRMAL NR-63 Lottery.

05-04-2018 | KARUNYA PLUS KN-207 Lottery

04-04-2018 | AKSHAYA AK-339 Lottery

03-04-2018 | STHREE SAKTHI (SS-100) Lottery

02-04-2018 | Win Win W-454 Lottery

01-04-2018 | Pournami RN-333 Lottery

31-03-2018 | KARUNYA KR-339 Lottery

30-03-2018 | NIRMAL NR-62 Lottery.

29-03-2018 | KARUNYA PLUS KN-206 Lottery.

28-03-2018 | AKSHAYA AK-338 Lottery

27-03-2018 | Sthree Sakthi SS-99 Lottery

26-03-2018 | Win Win W-453 Lottery

25-03-2018 | Pournami RN-332 Lottery

24-03-2018 | KARUNYA KR-338 Lottery

23-03-2018 | NIRMAL NR-61 Lottery

22-03-2018 | Karunya Plus KN-205 Lottery

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About Kerala State Lotteries

Prize Claim Period

Kerala lottery winners are requested verify the numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets with in 30 days of the draw date. 
No claims are allowed after 30 days by the lottery department. So start the claiming process as early as possible.

Kerala Lotteries Results

Kerala lottery department is conducting 7 daily lottery results in a week. That means there will be a Kerala lottery result in every day. Sunday - Pournami lottery, Monday - Win Win lottery, 
Tuesday - Sthree Sakthi lottery, Wednesday - Akshaya lottery, Thursday - Karunya Plus lottery, Friday - Nirmal lottery, Saturday - Karunya lottery. Buying price of all weekly lotteries are Rs.30/- per ticket. The First differs as follows Pournami lottery - 65 Lakh, Win Win Lottery - 65 Lakh, Sthree Sakthi lottery - 60 Lakh, Akshaya lottery - 50 Lakh, Karunya Plus Lottery - 50 lakh, Nirmal lottery - 70 lakh and Karunya lottery - 75 Lakh. Daily Kerala lottery results live are 
released from 3 PM and Official Kerala lottery results may published by 3:45 PM.

Kerala lottery department is also conducting 6 mega bumper lottery draws in an year. January - X-Mas New Year Bumper, March - Summer Bumper, May - Vishu Bumper, July - Monsoon BumperSeptember - Thiruvonam Bumper, November - Pooja Bumper. Kerala lottery results of bumper draws are published live results from 2 PM and official results by 3 PM.

Kerala Lottery Results Online

Today Kerala lottery results list "Yesterday Kerala Lottery Result", Today-Yesterday-Previous Kerala Lottery Results, (30 days-old lottery results) This month Kerala results, (One Month-old lottery results), Yesterday-Today-Previous Kerala Lottery Results, Keral Kerala lottery result yesterday,  keralastateloteryresult. Kerala lottery department and Kerala police department is finding out last three digit lottery selling fraudulent persons in Kerala. The Three-digit lottery or Single-digit lottery, is completely illegal. Any betting games on the basis of kerala lottery result are also illegal. 

Where to buy Kerala lotteries

You can find Kerala lottery agents all over Kerala some agents have many branches in different cities of Kerala State. But you can see many old and week, physically challenged or specially abled people as re sellers in bus stands or in crowded street. Many people like to buy tickets from these sellers to help them. Major part of the revenue from the Kerala lottery is used to help the poor people who are suffering from critical illness.